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We have refreshed our range to bring you:

Four new great value hampers; Mini, Medium, Large, and Bones.

Three 'semi-moist' treats; Venison Chipolatas, Sausage Sticks and Tearaways. Using a brand new process we have created a perfectly soft, chewy, tearable and tasty treat. Made from 80% venison and exclusive to Venison for Pets.

Our first, and the only UK made, dry biscuit treats made from a nutritious blend of venison, vegetables and rice.

And last, but not least, Awfully Offally - A mix of some of the tastiest and most nutritious pieces of venison.

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Our Products
Our aim is to simply make the best quality healthy natural treats for dogs, cats and other discerning pets. Our range of pet treats are made from 100% British venison preserved naturally without the need for any unhealthy additives. The food we feed to our pets can make a massive difference to their health and wellbeing and Venison is highly regarded as the healthiest of red meats. Naturally low in fats and carbohydrates, venison is rich in protein and has excellent omega 3 qualities.
So, whether you want to find treats for aglity training, keeping them quiet, a healthy supplement or just as a snack you will find the perfect treats at Venison for Pets.
Of course, you shouldn't take our word for it, so have a look at our testimonials page to hear what our customers have to say.

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